Leaning in your comfort zone is effective and reassuring. Training hours are reflected to meet your work or home schedule. Cancellation or rescheduling of training or courses is made easy with just a phone call.

Value your time and learn specifics of a program if that’s all you need to know. Taking advantage of learning specific program areas will relieve stress and lost time.

Imagine all the non productive hours trying to figure out how to... Wouldn’t it be nice to make a list of all the questions you would like answers to and then have that person give you or show you the how to?

Included is a free assessment of your training needs. Individual training and attention result in effective, quality learning.

The training courses on my laptop computer enable me to demonstrate the courseware to prospective clients. When teaching email programs such as Outlook, I am able to work with my students by testing sending and receiving messages to their computer through a wireless air card installed on my laptop. If a student does not have the applicable program on their computer, he or she is able to complete the training by using my computer.

Enjoy learning with confidence!

It’s not only what you can do with your computer, but also what your computer can do for you!

Specific CDC Advantages

CDC Solutions designs training to meet your specific requirements. Do you only need help with certain aspects of a program? No problem.

We operate at your skill level and at your most convenient hours.
1-3 hour classes - This may vary depending on individual student’s needs

Because CDC Solutions is tailored to you, you learn faster. Bottom line, this saves the student TIME and MONEY.

Teachers come to you. Learn on your machine in your home or office.
We offer custom form creation, for any special needs you or your business has.

If you don't have a computer available, CDC can arrange so that you have a machine to learn on.

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